Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Meet the awesome team behind

Semaiah Luma


Semaiah Luma began her love for art at the tender age of two. Semaiah is a visual artist who enjoys printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, video and design. She is a thirteen year old entrepreneur who displays her art work at pop up shops. In her spare time, Semaiah enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her beloved dog. Other times, she enjoys participating in TWIGS which is an art program located at Baltimore School for the Arts. Semaiah’s desire is to bring awareness about important issues and to inspire others to live their best lives through her art.

Lakesha Luma

Chief Editor/Marketer

Lakesha Luma enjoys collaborating with others to support the youth. She has served the community as an educator, advisor, mentor, tutor, community service facilitator, community service volunteer, Student Support Director, and School Counselor. She is the contact person, chief editor and product marketer for

Honson Luma


More than 10 years of nonprofit, private, and government industry experience. Bitcoin & futures trader, specifically, Gold and the Russell 2000. Bitcoin/Omni Layer (formerly Mastercoin) protocol basic knowledge. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Demonstrated interpersonal skills. Experience in research development and digital management.

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Home office is in Baltimore City North East Area. We completely sale our products online and in pop up shops around the local area.

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